Achieving Your Creative Vision with GreenScreen Animals!


Animals on-screen always bring a smile to viewers’ faces! But, for many productions, working with live animals can feel far out of reach. That’s the kind of thing that only blockbusters can afford, right?

Well, thanks to GreenScreen Animals, it’s actually more realistic than you think! We provide production houses of all sizes with a carefully-curated library of clips, featuring expertly-shot footage of dogs, cats, and other critters. Let’s explore how we can make your creative vision come alive – without breaking the bank!

Find the Right Animal Footage

The first step to creating funny content with animal stock footage is of course finding the right footage. Our library has you covered with a wealth of wacky animal footage guaranteed to trigger the giggle-gene! From furry friends making funny faces, to wild animals playing up for the camera – there’s no shortage of joy and laughter waiting in our stock collection.

Take, for example, our Grey Pigeon footage! Talk about hunt & peck…

Or our Black & White Tabby cat. Where is he going? Who approved his license?

The beauty of green screen clips is the possibilities it allows you to explore. You can express your creativity in a range of fun, goofy ways – the sky’s the limit. Unleash your imagination and see what you come up with!

Look Beyond the Image

The best comedic pieces that use our videos imagine the animals in situations they wouldn’t normally be in, or don’t seem obvious based on the behavior in the clip. You could take an image of a Three-Banded Armadillo scurrying across the frame, add some visual fx, and create your very own kaiju! Oh wait, we did that:

Or as another example, you could do something like this piece from Jersey Mike’s that pits one of our bears against Danny DeVito in a pretend wrestling match:

At the end of the day, our animal stock footage offers a unique and affordable way for you to get live animals in your projects. GreenScreen Animals has over 11,000 unique animal clips ready to go to space, save the world, drive a car…or whatever you need! The only limit is your imagination.


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