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Did you catch Disney plus day this year? There were tons of awesome announcements for new releases, premieres, and lots of great deals!

To build hype for its second Disney+ Day, Disney partnered with creative ad agency Compadre to create a fun new ad: The Ambivalent Man. The ad tells the story of a man that’s not phased by anything happening in his life, not the fact that his kid had an Alpaca and a Hawk as pets, finding gold in his garden, or even his dog being taken by aliens. Only the news of Disney+ Day seems to get a reaction out of him.

Meet The Ambivalent Man | Disney+ Day | Disney+


GSA footage can be used to enrich any scene.


The creative team behind the ad used our Alpaca, Hawk, and Collie footage to elevate the punchlines in their commercial, all without the need to have animals on set! Our footage provides an affordable option for any production looking to capitalize on the excitement animals can bring to a piece, without endangering the animals or crew to do it!

Disney’s Disney+ Day ad, The Ambivalent Man, is a great example of how our footage can upgrade your next big project.


Click here to check out our High-quality Alpaca Footage

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Click here for our High-quality Hawk Footage

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