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James Knapp

Looking for multiple animal clips for your next project? GreenScreen Animals has you covered. For our customers purchasing more than 3 clips, GreenScreen Animals offers a bulk discount starting at 15% off your total purchase.

Animals in commercials, TV shows, and many other projects are seen everywhere, and GreenScreenAnimals.com is the best resource around to seamlessly and cost-effectively add them to your project. Most of the time, multiple animals are needed for a spot, whether it serves to provide multiple angles of the same animal or combine a number of animals into a single shot.

For example, take a look at this recent World Cup 2018 ad from Ladbrokes, which uses several different bear clips of our Blonde Grizzly Bear for a single scene in which the bear, ridden by actor Brian Blessed, crashes into a bar and roars at its patrons.

In a different spot for Greenpeace featuring musician/comedian Reggie Watts, a variety of animals we used in the shot of a jungle. In a practical environment, it would be impossible to gather all these animals on a set together. We offered the creators of the Greenpeace spot our bulk discount rate to bring down the overall price of the project, saving money not only by using GreenScreen Animals stock footage instead of a live shoot but also by utilizing multiple clips.

We offer this not just to help producers and content creators lower their overall price, but to encourage them to use digital and stock animals rather than live action shoots. By doing this, it reduces the amount of time these animals are working on set by repurposing one single shoot instead of having the same animal perform multiple times. Overall, it’s better for animals AND our customers.

If your next project needs animals, please feel free to check out our Footage Library and contact our sales team at [email protected] for more information on our Bulk Discount Rate.

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