Grizzly Bears & Green Screen Footage Licensing


Whether you’re a film producer, video editor, or anyone else in the business of content creation, you know that having access to quality footage is key. But have you ever considered using grizzly bears recorded on green screen as your source? If so, read on — this blog post covers why grizzlies are the perfect animal for green screen footage licensing.

Why Grizzlies?

Grizzly bears are ideal for content creation because they tick all of the boxes: they are iconic, large, and exotic. A grizzly bear commands attention in any piece of content, and thanks to their size (they’re one of the largest land-dwelling mammals on the planet), they won’t get lost in close-ups or be dwarfed by other elements in a scene. Plus, they are instantly recognizable, and evoke a sense of wonder in viewers. Everybody knows how intimidating and majestic a grizzly bear can be, so they’ll be paying attention when they see one in your ad or project.

Green Screens = Versatility

Using green screens with any type of footage is advantageous because it allows creators to adjust the background without needing to reshoot multiple times or do extensive editing work. Most animal stock footage, while typically very beautiful, is recorded in nature and not very useful for a typical ad, or within a scene in a movie or TV show. Our footage on the other hand is created specifically for use in Advertising & Entertainment, professionally shot and lit in order to provide our customers with versatile, high-resolution resources that will blend seamlessly with their projects, and help to raise them to the next level. 

Our green screen footage is a significantly more cost – effective solution as well, for any production looking to utilize animals in their projects. We also only work with the best trainers, and all of our footage is American Humane certified, so you can rest easy knowing we are the most humane option as well! We’ve done all the work to capture fantastic animal footage, all you have to do is download and 

Whether you’re looking to add a little pinch of nature’s majesty to your advertisement, or are looking for some frightening close-ups for your Film or TV show, our high-resolution grizzly bear footage is the best option to save you time, money, and hassle.

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