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Everybody loves animals, particularly in media & advertising. From the Geico Gecko to Chester Cheetah, brands have been using animal imagery to improve their ads for as long as there have been things to advertise. It’s a practice that makes sense: studies have shown that ads featuring animals are more effective and memorable than those without.


Unfortunately, though, not every production has animals’ best interests in mind. Here at, animal wellbeing is our top priority (that’s why we work with wonderful organizations like American Humane to make sure the animals we work with are well-treated and loved, and we only partner with the best trainers in the business).


This mission is important to us, so when an agency comes along whose mission lines up with ours, the partnership just makes sense!


Our friends at Swedish renewable energy company Tranås Energi AB work hard to provide their customers with a clean, 100% renewable source of energy with minimal impact on the environment around them. They wanted a commercial to convey their awesome culture, and mission as a nature-friendly energy company. So they came to us in 2021 to license some owl, doe, and fox footage!


Check out the ad:  Animal – and nature-friendly electricity from Tranås Energi


It Pays to Stay with GSA!


The commercial ended up being such a huge success for them that they went on to renew their license for the foreseeable future! By renewing their license, they get to keep running an awesome and impactful commercial at a fraction of the cost of creating a new one! GSA offers repeat customer discounts as well, stick with us and we’ll take good care of you!


Click here to check out our High-quality Owl Footage.

Click here to see our High-quality Fox Footage.

Click here for our High-Quality Deer footage.


Like over 40% of our clients, Tranås Energi is based overseas, but the versatility of our library means GSA can be a solution for your project wherever on Earth you are based!


You can check out our library here, or contact our sales team at [email protected] to find out what we can do for you.

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