The Star Wars Show Celebrates 100 Episodes Using GreenScreen Animals

James Knapp

The popular web series, The Star Wars Show, recently celebrated it’s 100th episode by going all out with special segments featuring two animals from our digital green screen library. For those unfamiliar with The Star Wars Show, it features hosts Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni as they perform skits, talk about the latest news, conduct interviews, and discuss all things Star Wars related.

This particular episode featured a bit where a talk show host is interviewing a bear trainer and his pet grizzly. The bear is revealed as a “Sith Bear,” and in a fit of rage wields a lightsaber, slicing off the trainer’s hand. In another skit, a Gonk Droid, the slow trash-can-like robot, is racing our box turtle down the street with a crowd of fans (spoiler alert, the turtle wins).

Our green screen animal footage works great for these comedic scenes, blending the real images of our animals with the absurd situations they could never find themselves in. From Superbowl ads to online videos, merging animals into comedy always draws attention. Take a look at this hilarious music video from, which also includes tiger footage from our library. Incorporating our footage not only increases the production value of the piece but adds the right comedic elements for these pieces that would be otherwise unavailable.

These short form web shows typically have small budgets and wouldn’t have the ability to utilize animals in their content without the help of GreenScreen Animals. We allow producers of creative content the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to access media that would normally be too expensive and too difficult to capture. 

Click here to watch the segment on the Star Wars Show’s YouTube page, or visit for more information on the show! We are excited to see our footage in such a fun Star Wars environment and incorporated with one of our favorite franchises.

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