Underwear and Grizzly Bears: A New Ad Featuring GSA Footage

James Knapp

When nature calls, it is often wild and untamable. Such is the angle and perspective of the latest commercial advertisement for the Dutch company, On That Ass titled “Do You Dare Wear It?”. When their actor comes face-to-face with one of nature’s wildest and most dangerous animals, the production team used a North American Brown Grizzly Bear filmed by GreenScreen Animals to ensure animal and set safety.

In the commercial, the audience is first introduced to its main character trying on his new On That Ass underwear. After putting the garment on, he is suddenly surrounded by an entire police force. Diving down for safety, he is transported into a forest to face a fiercely roaring and visibly aggressive grizzly bear. The bear was from GSA’s library of 8,000+ animal clips. By using our footage, “On That Ass” was able to search through GSA’s broad variety of behaviors, species, and scenarios to maximize their creative aspirations.

The bear footage was originally shot on the RED One camera years prior. Due to the quality and resolution consideration of that original shoot, the bear footage captured that day can be used in a myriad of ways to this day, from a feature film to an advertising campaign.

Working with exotic animals on set can become difficult to navigate when considering production and safety cost. Budget and scheduling when working with an animal as large, exotic, and dangerous as a grizzly bear can seriously disrupt an entire production; not to mention the stress placed on the animal on set around bustling crews.

All of our animals are filmed under the direction and supervision of the American Humane Association to ensure the animal’s safety and fair treatment. By choosing to use a GSA filmed scene, you can rest assured that both quality and safety are at the forefront of every project.

Coordinating animals on set can be tricky, even with the most seasoned producers. With GSA’s broad range of domestic and exotic animal footage, finding the right animal, behavior, and format can be searched easily and quickly. Fully customizable to your project with the ability to shoot special projects, GreenScreen Animals is the leader in animal stock footage.

Watch the ad here.

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