Did you catch our African Elephant in the new Dell commercial?

James Knapp

Animals rule the ad kingdom according to Adweek. Companies like Dell turn to GreenScreen Animals to get noticed and increase the production value of their ads. By adding our elephant footage to the background of our shot, the entire scene became more realistic. Animals are social media gold and the use of animals in advertising is one of the best ways to attract attention. However, the costs associated with using live animals on set can often severely impact the production budget, not to mention the schedule. And one has to also consider the safety of both the crew and animal alike. By utilizing existing footage recorded in a controlled and peaceful environment, the impact on the animal is mitigated. A single production can be repurposed in unlimited applications throughout the world and can be purchased and delivered immediately through our cloud-based delivery system.

GreenScreen Animals has become the go-to solution for Hollywood’s biggest films and advertising agencies around the world. Working with only the most professional and respected animals handlers in the industry, GSA has built a one-of-a-kind digital stock footage library that has redefined the future of storytelling and opened doors for producers of creatives content. With over 8,000 high-resolution video clips of exotic and domestic animals, GreenScreen Animals has flipped the concept of “impossible” on its head. When asked about GreenScreen Animals, Gone Girl producer Cean Chaffin stated, “The notion of cajoling real animals to perform during 1st unit production gave me nightmares of raccoons and deer running loose down Cahuenga Blvd. GSA was the perfect post-production solution.”

Appreciation of nature and the natural world are fundamental to the founding of GSA and continue to be a top priority while amassing the world’s largest library of digital animal content. All content is produced under the close supervision of the American Humane Association’s “No animals were harmed” Unit. This key alliance ensures the safety and comfort of the animals used in GSA’s library.

GreenScreen Animals isn’t your typical stock footage website. We are production specialists leveraging our talents to bring our customers unique and unrivaled content.

To browse our footage library to find a clip for your next project, click here.

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