GreenScreen Animals Teams Up with MTP and Cravens on Recent 2018 Russia World Cup Ad for Ladbrokes

Elif Cercel

Soccer fever came to Silicone Beach recently when GreenScreen Animals partnered with UK’s Mallinson Television Productions (MTP) and Cravens advertising agency, on a spot for Ladbrokes’ 2018 Russia World Cup ad campaign. GSA contributed high-quality, humane stock footage from its extensive green screen animal library for the ad titled “Brian and the Bear” which appeared on national television in the UK, as well as in print and online.

“The Ladbrokes World Cup campaign has proved to be an overwhelming success thanks to director Damien O’Donnell’s vision and attention to detail,” said James Pearson from MTP. “From our initial conversation to the supply of the 4k footage, the GSA team lead by producer James Knapp could not have been more enthusiastic and helpful while collaborating on this complex project.”

The light-hearted spot features legendary British actor Brian Blessed, famous for his booming voice and beard, bursting into a pub on a Grizzly bear. Blessed makes a series of awkward puns about the Russia vs. Saudi Arabia game to a group of stunned pub-goers, and then rides off. The ads are part of a campaign by Ladbrokes, featuring celebrities promoting sports betting. 

“We wanted this to feel as real as possible,” said Damien O’Donnell. “So we turned to the GreenScreen Animals footage library. They had a huge selection of 4k clips to pick from and the end result was amazing and more effective than CGI on this schedule.” O’Donnell consulted with three of London’s top five post facilities before identifying GSA as a possible solution.

 GSA provided the MTP team with 10 clips of a blonde Grizzly bear on green screen doing various behaviors including walking, roaring and swiping. MTP made their selections within 2-weeks and then matched their live-action shoot to the existing stock footage.

“Our client wanted a large Grizzly bear to walk into a pub with an actor sitting on his back,” said co-founder Mark Shockley of GSA. “We were happy to offer MTP a cost-effect and humane alternative.”

 GSA is the world’s leading solution for high quality, humane animal content. The company owns and licenses the world’s largest HD – 6K green screen animal footage collection. The GSA digital library contains over 8,000 raw clips, which can be utilized in a wide variety of media. GSA also provides custom shoots for clients seeking a “one-stop shopping” solution. GSA’s green animal content allows producers the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to access content that is normally too expensive and difficult to capture. All GSA content is produced under the close supervision of The American Humane Association’s “No animals were harmed” unit. This key alliance ensures the safety and comfort of the animal actors used in the library.

For more information visit or call or our sales team at 310-622-4487.

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