James Knapp

At the Hollywood Center Studio’s Virtual Set we photographed live animals on their green screen stage. On day 1 we had two snarling Wolves. Day 2 we worked with a Lion, a dancing Macaw and a Capuchin Monkey. On the second shoot day we captured not one but two Grizzly Bears. The second bear was a bonus for us allowing the opportunity for a broader range of action… one for standing and one for swiping. Finally we were able work with an African Elephant as well as a majestic Black Leopard to round out a very productive shoot. The animals were ready for their close-ups and were extremely co-operative when it came to expressing range.

Parameters on quality control are high to insure a more realistic and believable composite. We insist on shooting archive footage at a higher frame rate, from 60 and 90 fps. Over cranking and wider shutter angles allow for a cleaner key. Slow motion captures more of the detail with a more defined edge on items like hair and fur.

In addition, the 4K footage can be blown up and reduced for various compositions when facilitating the pan and scan method. A wide shot can be used to create a medium and a close up in 1080 or 720.

Now screeners of all our new footage are posted to the website. Individual clips will be posted soon, but for now just click the screener link to see all the available footage with time-code.



Brown Grizzly Bear

White Grizzly Bear

Black Wolf

Grey Wolf



Capuchin Monkey


You can also watch us at work Behind The Scenes by clicking the link below, where you will witness the handling of the animals in our charge as well as the professional efforts necessary to achieve our goals and yours.

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