The Power of Animals in Advertising


For decades, animal-based advertising has been around for a good reason—it works! Whether you’re looking to capture people’s attention or evoke specific emotions, using animals in your advertisements can do just that. Animals appeal to our sense of cuteness, draw from our familiarity with them, and can help humanize products that may otherwise seem too intimidating. When done right, animal-focused advertising can be incredibly effective at driving sales and boosting brand recognition. With GreenScreen Animals, the process is as easy, efficient, and cost-effective.

The Power of Familiarity

Everybody recognizes the sound of a dog barking, or a cat meowing, even if they aren’t an animal lover. Many animals have specific characteristics that people can instantly identify, creating a sense of customer familiarity. This familiarity helps create an emotional connection between the customer and the advertisement, leading to greater engagement with the product. At GreenScreen Animals, our footage library of exotic animals like elephants, lions, and bears has helped dozens of ads leave a lasting impression on their audiences.

Humanizing Products

Think about some memorable brand mascots, and you’ll find animals! Brands have been using animals to humanize their products for decades, and it makes sense why, especially for companies specializing in products that can seem cold or unapproachable. For example, many insurance companies use animal imagery in their ads to convey a feeling of trustworthiness and approachability, often by injecting a little humor into the ad (think the Geico Gecko, Liberty Mutual’s Emu, or the Aflac duck). By showcasing an animal alongside their product or service in an advertisement, companies can make complex concepts easier for customers to understand while connecting with them emotionally. 

The Appeal of Cuteness

We can’t deny it—animals are cute! We are drawn to images of puppies or bunnies, and our hearts melt slightly. This instinctual response to cuteness can be incredibly effective in advertising because it leads consumers to associate positive feelings with the advertised product. Cute animals make people happy, and people want to buy things that make them happy! If an ad successfully creates that emotional connection, the customer is more likely to purchase the offered product or service.

Animals uniquely make us laugh, fill us with joy and draw our attention like no other. That’s why so many big-name brands use them as part of their marketing efforts – it works! And your brand can join the mix, too – GreenScreen Animals ensures you don’t miss out on being one of those household names. Go wild now!




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