5 Reasons why producers choose GreenScreen Animals

James Knapp

Before going through the reasons why Top Movie, TV, Advertising Producers choose GreenScreen Animals, let’s first do a quick flashback here; Animals have featured in movies since the era of black and white movies. However, movie producers had to go through a lot of hassle to get animals in front of cameras in the past. They had to spend a lot of time as well as effort in order to get the animals on tape. This increased the time as well as the effort needed to capture scenes of animals when capturing movies.

Along with the introduction of GreenScreen animals, movie, TV show and advertisement producers got the opportunity to stay away from the hassle of getting animals on television. This is one of the best contributions delivered by technology to the motion pictures.

What exactly is GreenScreen Animals?

GreenScreen Animals can simply be defined as the leading solution provider in the world for delivering the best quality footage of animals to motion pictures. These videos of animals can easily be incorporated into movies, TV shows and advertisements with minimum hassle. It has got a rich library, which contains real footage of thousands of animals. You would definitely be impressed with the collection of animals that GreenScreen has. There is something for everyone and you just need to go to the library and select the best solution that can cater your specific needs and requirements.

Were any animals harmed when capturing these videos?

GreenScreen Animals guarantees that no animals were harmed when capturing footage needed for the library. In other words, they have followed a humane approach when collecting content needed. Therefore, you can go ahead and use footage offered by GreenScreen Animals without keeping any doubt in your mind. You would not be contributing towards animal torture by getting the videos you want from GreenScreen.

Who can use content offered by GreenScreen Animals?

Content delivered by GreenScreen Animals has specifically been designed to make the life easy for producers. Any producer can use this as a fast and a cost-effective method to get animals on their motion pictures. The videos that you cannot even think about capturing in the real world will be delivered by GreenScreen Animals. Take a look at some of the Award Winning work done by amazing Movie and TV producers using our footage.

How Is the quality of footage offered by GreenScreen Animals?

You don’t need to keep any doubts in your mind about the quality of footage offered by GreenScreen Animals. You will be able to find the best quality footage, which has resolutions up to 6K. Even the lowest quality footage offers 720p resolution. Hence, you will not get the need to look for any other source in order to gain access to high-quality visual content.

Do you need to worry about copyright issues?

No, you don’t need to worry about copyrights when you are using video footage delivered by GreenScreen Animals. Along with your purchase, you will be provided with copyrights to use your video. On the other hand, all videos offered by GreenScreen Animals are original and they have not featured anywhere else. Even though obtaining natural and realistic footage of animals is a difficult thing, the guys at GreenScreen Animals have been able to do it right. Therefore, you just need to go ahead and use the content offered by GreenScreen Animals. The process of obtaining and using videos offered by GreenScreen Animals is similar to the process of using stock photos. You would love the overall process.

Now you don’t need to stay away from producing the movies you prefer and giving life to the ideas that you have in your mind. On the other hand, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get those videos captured. All you need to do is to visit GreenScreen Animals, browse through the collection of videos available and select a video that you can include in your movie, TV show or advertisement.

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