Celebrate Halloween with GreenScreen Animals

James Knapp

It’s October, are you working on your Halloween video project? Why not make it extra creepy by adding centipede or spider footage? Or add a live-action raven to your faithful Edgar Allan Poe adaptation. Even give your witch a black cat companion. All these animals are available from GreenScreenAnimals.com and are on sale for our annual Halloween Sale!

Halloween is just around the corner and incorporating animals into your spot is a great way to improve the look of your video. Starting now through the end of October, GreenScreen Animals is making that easier to do with our annual Halloween Sale.

Save 30% off your total when you purchase the following Halloween animals:

Email our sales team at [email protected] and mention our Halloween sale to add 30% off your next purchase.

Note: discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. Sale ends November 1st.

Click here to view our Footage.

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